My Gripday Party Write-Up: Part 2 – TWO HAND PINCH

Thanks to Scott Harris for riding up to the contest with me and then being nice enough to take pictures for me.  This photo was taken by Scott.

2HP from the Gripday Party

2HP from the Gripday Party

Well, it’s been far longer than I thought it would be before I put up Part 2 of my contest write-up.  But here it is.  2 Hand Pinch.  My worst event.  It didn’t let me down.

2HP: 161lbs – 6th Place

First, the competitors were asked to choose their preferred pinching width.  I jokingly remarked that all of the widths felt the same to me – terrible.  I ended up just going with the 48mm width.  I think it was the narrowest width.  It absolutely felt as bad as 52mm and 56mm and, well, you get the point.  2HP will never be my “deal.”

I don’t remember my exact “warmup weights.”  I took somewhere around 100lbs and then I think it was about 135lbs where I began my official 1st attempt.  Pulled it easily to the crossbar.

For my 2nd attempt I chose 153lbs.  Or thereabouts.  It went up super easy too.

I called for 160lbs on my 3rd attempt and it turned out to be 161lbs.  Got it, but just barely.  Also tore my left thumb web pretty deep.  And spent the rest of the contest trying to pack it with enough chalk to keep it from bleeding and hurting.  I super glued the patch of skin back onto my thumb web and that held for a few events.  Then it tore open on the 5-gallon water jug farmer’s walk.  But that’s another story.

There is no excuse for my pitiful pinching, besides just being crappy and weak at it.  I actually thought the 2HP implement (Jedd Johnson’s excellent 2HP apparatus) felt grippy.  That never makes much of a difference on my pinch at a contest, or anywhere else.  But I’m throwing it out there because I can’t even use the complaint of it felt slick as snot.  When I think about it, 161lbs is my contest PR on a Euro-type adjustable pinch apparatus in a contest.  I have pinched more weight on just normal 35lb weight plates sandwiched together.

My training fell through the last month, so I didn’t even know if 150lbs was going to be a deal breaker at the contest.  I lost a ton of points, as I always do, on this event.

Part 3 will be posted here…eventually…





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