Toddler Faux-Flask Pinch Device


So, my fabrication skills suck.  To the extreme.  But my inspiration for this lightweight pinch device was the Barrel Strength Systems “Flask.”  The Flask is lightweight.  Mine is lightweight.  The Flask is made out of high quality aluminum.  Mine is made out of crap quality wood scraps.  Mine is not adjustable in pinch width.  Neither is the Flask.

My daughter really seems to like the Faux-Flask though, regardless of the sketchy craftsmanship of her father.  It only weighs 4lbs.  So she is able to easily two hand pinch it.  And with her right hand she is able to one hand pinch it.  She won’t really give it a shot lefty – it pisses her off if I even encourage her to try it with her left hand.  Which is hilarious to me.

Mine is also about the same width as the Flask.  So maybe I should just buy her a dang Flask!  ALL the reviews I have heard of the Flask have been glowing.  Even from what I would consider die-hard Euro Pinch guys.  It is much quicker to adjust the weight on the Flask than the Euro.  Doesn’t mean I don’t like the Euro.  Although, I am not a pinch fan, so I guess in all honesty I DON’T like the Euro.  But I would probably like it if I had one to train with.  Who knows.

About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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