USAWA Record Day results over the weekend

I did the Lift For Leroy II Record Day at Eric Todd’s gym in Turney, Missouri on Saturday.  Enjoyed the drive in the Mustang (1.5 hours one-way) and got to spend time with some people that I really like for about 4 hours.

I volunteered to do loading duties and after the Postal Competition was concluded, a bunch of the lifters did their Record Day lifts.  I will do a write-up on some of the record day lifts I saw from the other lifters, because there was a lot of impressive lifting going on all around me.

I only had 2 modest goals for the Record Day.

  • Deadlift 300+lbs double overhand (sumo) on the axle.
  • Deadlift 304lbs on the Middle Fingers Deadlift.

Both are usually well within my capability.  I missed the MFDL because I decided not to do a warmup and instead attempt 315lbs.  It only came up about 2″ before I put it back down because I felt my left middle finger skin starting to rip.  I got it set down before it ripped though, so I wasn’t upset about missing the lift.  Especially considering the bar I chose was nowhere near as grippy and sharp as the one that the Dino Gym uses for its MFDL competition.

I warmed up on the axle, because until then I had only done loading duties and was feeling pretty stiff in the knees and lower back.  Eric’s monster solid axle weighs 75lbs empty.  So I had to keep that in mind when I was warming up.

My bodyweight was 237lbs clothed.  I knew I wasn’t going to be light enough for the 105kg (231lb) class, so I didn’t care to shed some clothes for the weigh-in.

Wore my awesome cat print Vans.  Pretty sure that’s why the weights felt so light on the axle.

  • 165×1
  • 255×1 felt empty
  • 305×1 went up at almost power clean speed
  • 325×1 fast pull and could’ve held it for a while
  • 335 to kneecaps and right hand

Decent lifting for me on the axle.  335 would’ve gone if I had given it another attempt, but I didn’t mind.  My right hand cramped right after starting the pull and I had to drop it from the kneecaps.

Considering I haven’t done much axle pulling this year (maybe 6 workouts with the thumb wrapped around, and 8 (?) without thumbs, this was a decent result.  I only needed 300lbs for the age 40 record in the 242lb weight class.  If I continue training axle next year regularly, I’ll go for the age 45 record in the double overhand axle deadlift near my normal weight class.

As I was saying goodbye and walking out the door, I passed the 2″ vertical bar and it called to me.  Eric encouraged me to make a few pulls on that.  So I took a quick warmup and then pulled 208 lefty for a record in that age and weight class.  Took 188 as a warmup and it felt very light.  208 felt pretty light lefty too.  I told Eric I probably had around 240lbs in me that day.  Righty I got the down call, but it slipped at the last second, so no lift.  I could’ve tried a few more lifts on both hands but I wanted to get home.

About bencrush

42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.
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