About Ben Edwards

My name is Ben Edwards.  I’m a 41-year-old grip strength enthusiast who started grip training in May of 2000 to help with my Judo training that I had just started, along with a job in the field of Corrections.

I certified on the Captains of Crush #3 gripper in 2005. Since then I’ve closed over 100 different #3s.

I am a former elite steel bender and have numerous steel bending certifications.

I am a United States All-round Weightlifting Association (U.S.A.W.A.) member and multiple record holder.  I encourage anyone seeking drug-free strength competitions to visit the USAWA site at www.usawa.com and view the over 150 recognized lifts that are contested in competitions throughout the U.S.



9 Responses to About Ben Edwards

  1. Derrick L Clark says:

    Hello Ben.

    My name is Derrick BionicMan Clark.I’m a strength and condtioning fanatic from Columbus,Ohio. I see that you is a grip strength athlete.You made alot of great accomplishment.Someone request me to you about the front weaver stick lift.I post a old vid of me peforming 5 pound for 5 reps not strict form but still good.I would like to someday compete in grip competitions.


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  3. bdsbrown1 says:

    Thank you for the follow! simplydaisies!


  4. 61pwcc says:

    Ben, realized a lifting goal @ Frank’s meet in Walpole yesterday. Check it out.


  5. Ben,
    I found your site from a response you left on one arm deadlifts on Ironmind and I think it is great! I too am a grip enthusiast (need to get back into it) but have a lot of hand made grip tools from the late 90s that I will be doing a video about on my blog soon.
    I have been searching for a few months now to find more strength, Strongman and lifting blogs. I will check out your blogroll, but do you know of any compilation sites to go to find more Strength related blogs?
    I just did a couple of interviews with the grip greats Mark Felix and Karl Gillingham on my site.

    I look forward to delving more into your site and will send you a follow soon.

    Great stuff!



    • bencrush says:


      Your response makes my day! I used to follow you and your strongman contests and exploits some years back and was very pleased when I saw you were back on the scene on the Ironmind forum recently.

      I don’t visit a lot of strongman and strength sites anymore. I do however visit a half dozen pretty regularly. Some of those are on my blogroll already. Others I just visit on my smartphone.

      Diesel Crew should be right up your alley.

      Paul Carter’s “Lift-Run-Bang” blog is a great read too. Chaos and Bang is one I enjoy. But it is a NSFW blog for sure.



  6. Ben,
    Thanks for the responses. I will definitely check those sites out.
    It is exciting being back and so nice to reconnect.
    Do you have a Twitter handle? Would love to follow.

    Best of luck in your training and I look forward to your future posts!



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