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Watch “Slo Mo 225lb Index Fingers Deadlift” on YouTube

This lift is from Saturday’s USAWA Grip Champs at the Dino Gym. I tore a big chunk of skin on this lift and super glued it back in place for the drive home. 

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Sore Hamstrings!

Yesterday’s workout involved several types of deadlift.  The weight wasn’t high on any of them – since they’re grip events that I’m training for the upcoming USAWA grip contest – but my hamstrings are feeling it today. 1-5-11, Thursday INDEX … Continue reading

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2012 USAWA Grip Championships – GOALS

Follow this link to read all about the 2012 USAWA Grip Championships on the USAWA website. This is a 5-event grip contest.  Venue is the worldclass Dino Gym in Holland, Kansas.  Here are the events and my goals.  Bodyweight … Continue reading

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12-15-11: Index Fingers Deadlift

12-15-11, Thursday INDEX FINGERS DEADLIFT I have started my training for the 2012 USAWA National Grip Championships.  The events were just posted a few days ago on the website.  Go there for more information regarding the contest.  I will … Continue reading

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Index Fingers Deadlift: 226 Pounds

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