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Tiny Overlord 2″ Vertical Bar Workout

I dusted off my official USAWA 2″ vbar yesterday and Josie got jealous watching me do a workout in the garage.  So I put a tiny weight on her practice 2″ vbar (same 18″ length as the USAWA version) and she … Continue reading

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2017 USAWA Grip Championships Write-up

The 2017 USAWA Grip Championships took place on Saturday, February 11th, at Al Myers’s Dino Gym in Abilene, KS.  It was a spectacular contest – like it has been every year Al has hosted it. I went home with my … Continue reading

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Watch “325lb Axle Hack Lift” on YouTube

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Watch “Dinnie Lift” on YouTube

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Tiny Overlord Dinnie Lift

  This was hard to catch on camera because she was pretty disdainful about holding the lockout. The Dinnie Lift is an official USAWA event. Just a few short years from now, Josie will be strong enough to lift the … Continue reading

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Finally on the rebound from the flu

A week ago I did the strongman meet at the Dino Gym. Tweaked my back a bit during my “warmup” that consisted of at least half a dozen things I shouldn’t have been lifting as a warmup. No biggie. Still … Continue reading

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3 Weeks Until My Next USAWA Competition

Well, it’s about 21 days until the 2013 Dino Gym Challenge at Al Myers’s Dino Gym in Abilene, Kansas.  I haven’t done a contest – any contest, not just USAWA – since July.  Looking forward to seeing all my USAWA … Continue reading

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2013 Dino Gym Challenge Announcement January 19th, 2013.  In Abilene, Kansas.  At Al Myers’s Dino Gym.  Read about it here.

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Vertical Bar Deadlift – 2 Bars, 2″: 370 Pounds Total

This is about 4 pounds more than I have done in a contest.  Hope to be lighter than 220 class when I compete in February so it won’t really matter if I break that weight anyway since it’ll be someone … Continue reading

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Index Fingers Deadlift: 226 Pounds

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