Watch “Dinnie Lift” on YouTube

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Watch “Saxon Snatch” on YouTube

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Watch “One Hand Deadlift Tire Axle” on YouTube

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Thumbs Up!

I never get tired of Tiny Overlord giving me the thumbs up, no matter what it’s for.  Sometimes she does it in a facetious manner, which is hilarious.  Other times she does it for little victories – like using two hands to close her custom made gripper.


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Pushup Contest With Tiny Overlord

Josie challenged me to a pushup contest at the park.  So I couldn’t refuse!

Of course she beat me handily.  And then shamed me the entire way back home.  Mocking me repeatedly – “Do you even lift, bro?”

josie and me pushups 8-23-16

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The Swiftly Changing Moods Of Tiny Overlord

The following series of pictures were separated by at most 5 seconds between each individual shot.  First there was sadness.  Then happiness.  Then blistering rage.

Over what?  Uh, I don’t really know.  I was walking beside her while she is learning to ride her Strider.  I didn’t mock her, push her down, cajole her, ridicule her, harangue her, or deride her.

I get quite a bit of entertainment out of her swiftly changing moods.  And sometimes it’s fun to share the visual proof of the mercurial changes in her mood.

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Thursday Strength — Charlottesville Strength

Max jerk Clean-grip OHS work up to heavy triple 3 rounds of: barbell pull-overs x 10 bent dumbbell fly x 10-15

via Thursday Strength — Charlottesville Strength

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Watch “Tiny Overlord Asks “Do You Even Lift Bro?”” on YouTube

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Toddler Faux-Flask Pinch Device


So, my fabrication skills suck.  To the extreme.  But my inspiration for this lightweight pinch device was the Barrel Strength Systems “Flask.”  The Flask is lightweight.  Mine is lightweight.  The Flask is made out of high quality aluminum.  Mine is made out of crap quality wood scraps.  Mine is not adjustable in pinch width.  Neither is the Flask.

My daughter really seems to like the Faux-Flask though, regardless of the sketchy craftsmanship of her father.  It only weighs 4lbs.  So she is able to easily two hand pinch it.  And with her right hand she is able to one hand pinch it.  She won’t really give it a shot lefty – it pisses her off if I even encourage her to try it with her left hand.  Which is hilarious to me.

Mine is also about the same width as the Flask.  So maybe I should just buy her a dang Flask!  ALL the reviews I have heard of the Flask have been glowing.  Even from what I would consider die-hard Euro Pinch guys.  It is much quicker to adjust the weight on the Flask than the Euro.  Doesn’t mean I don’t like the Euro.  Although, I am not a pinch fan, so I guess in all honesty I DON’T like the Euro.  But I would probably like it if I had one to train with.  Who knows.

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Tiny Overlord Learns The Goblet Squat!

I have tried to teach Josie to do the kettlebell Goblet Squat for a few weeks.  Just a few times here and there where I have shown her how to do it and casually watched while she tried it out – or more often, didn’t try it out and didn’t care to.  Which I am okay with.  I didn’t want to push her too much.  But the kettlebell seems pretty light for her (5lbs), and she had no trouble pulling it up under her chin and holding it there for a bit.  The squat part was harder for her than holding the kettlebell at the chest – because of balance issues I think.  But she wanted to keep doing it.  I had to hide her kettlebell so she wouldn’t do it endlessly and wear herself out.

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