Tiny Overlord Buys A Punching Bag

Well, technically I paid for it.  It was a solid Craigslist find last week.  Josie has asked me several times to punch the freestanding heavy bag since I brought it home.  She has also straddled it and growled it.  And even bitten it at least once.  All part of her esoteric fighting style that she’s working on writing a book about.

img_20161115_161858.jpg img_20161115_160600.jpg

Started working on her punching skills.

Started working on her punching skills.

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Tiny Overlord Begins Her Chess Training


Hmmm…what would Capablanca do?

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Grandpa and Tiny Overlord Ninja Warrior


Walt was asking Josie if he could climb the “warped wall” – which on our makeshift American Ninja Warrior course is her slide.




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Watch “Dinnie Lift” on YouTube

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Watch “Saxon Snatch” on YouTube

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Watch “One Hand Deadlift Tire Axle” on YouTube

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Thumbs Up!

I never get tired of Tiny Overlord giving me the thumbs up, no matter what it’s for.  Sometimes she does it in a facetious manner, which is hilarious.  Other times she does it for little victories – like using two hands to close her custom made gripper.


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Pushup Contest With Tiny Overlord

Josie challenged me to a pushup contest at the park.  So I couldn’t refuse!

Of course she beat me handily.  And then shamed me the entire way back home.  Mocking me repeatedly – “Do you even lift, bro?”

josie and me pushups 8-23-16

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The Swiftly Changing Moods Of Tiny Overlord

The following series of pictures were separated by at most 5 seconds between each individual shot.  First there was sadness.  Then happiness.  Then blistering rage.

Over what?  Uh, I don’t really know.  I was walking beside her while she is learning to ride her Strider.  I didn’t mock her, push her down, cajole her, ridicule her, harangue her, or deride her.

I get quite a bit of entertainment out of her swiftly changing moods.  And sometimes it’s fun to share the visual proof of the mercurial changes in her mood.

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Thursday Strength — Charlottesville Strength

Max jerk Clean-grip OHS work up to heavy triple 3 rounds of: barbell pull-overs x 10 bent dumbbell fly x 10-15

via Thursday Strength — Charlottesville Strength

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