Programming for the Bulgarian Split Squat – Rep Ranges and Recommendations – BarBend

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TNS XFitness 250 – YouTube

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Thor’s Anvil Practice – YouTube

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Watch “Tiny Overlord TNS smashing her custom gripper” on YouTube

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“Give a man an anvil and you have a friend for life.” – Mark Twain

Did Mark Twain really say that?  Probably not.  Just like dozens of the other quotes attributed to him.  But I believe if someone had given him an anvil – he would’ve come up with a much pithier quote than “Give a man an anvil and you have a friend for life.”

Related image

It weighs 35 pounds. Chill the fuck out.

Macklemore’s bliss face in that video when he’s riding on the back of the impressive big chick’s scooter is fantastic.  I tried to mimic that, but with an anvil.

Our good friends Chad (and Tandis, although I believe Chad is probably the only one who used the anvil) gave me an anvil the other day!  Even put a bow on it.  We were taking care of their cat while they were away on a family emergency recently.  I “discovered” the anvil while trying to find plastic bags to scoop cat litter.  About 20 pictures on my phone later I climbed the stairs out of the basement and told Carrie what I found.

I vaguely remember joking about “stealing” the anvil.  So, a few days later when it was placed on my front porch and Chad sent me a text about “a little present on the front porch…”  I was so excited that I rushed it into the house and started taking pictures of it like it was a newborn baby that I needed to show off to every relative and perfect strangers.

I may carry it around in the Rav4 and refer to it as my “EDC anvil” (every day carry) just to be really annoying.  It could be a self-defense tool.  A grip strength tool.  A step to help me reach the top shelf cookware.  Many, many uses.

My hand is there for scale.


Picking it up by the horn is very easy, but still amusing even at that light weight.

Pinch gripping over the face of the anvil is one of the ways to train grip with it.

Cleaning it by the horn, Jowett-style.

The horn seems pretty big for such a small anvil.

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Fun With Static Electricity 

Tiny Overlord and I went to “Firefighter Park” yesterday morning. She did a lot slide action, which cracked me up because of what the static electricity did to her hair.

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Lifting Stones On A Walk

Beautiful day for a walk. Good day for some rock lifting.

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Tiny Overlord Bench Pressing Like A Boss

Josephine was delighted when I told her the other day that it was time to learn how to bench press.  We started out super light, of course.  Just the homemade faux barbell I made her when she was a baby.  Just to get the feel of the movement.  She begged me to let her try the 45 pound Olympic bar.  I politely declined her request, but told her she would slowly work up to benching the “heavy bar.”  That really made her day.  I would say she was “chuffed” about it.

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Tiny Overlord Celebrates 4th Birthday With Over Bodyweight Deadlift

Josephine told me she wanted to lift something “very heavy” the day after her birthday.  I asked her how heavy she wanted to go.  Her go-to answer the past few months has been kind of a gibberish number – (“15-17-800”) – so I just picked something a bit heavier than she has lifted in good form and that turned out to be a good guess.

She also surprised me by lifting the warmup weight by the ring instead of waiting for me to attach the triangle handle I use for highland games WFD training.

Her bodyweight was 31 pounds the day she did these lifts.  I got the 34 pound deadlift on video, but my phone is being a shit and not letting me upload it to YouTube.

She loves lifting weights.  I had to stop her from attempting a lot more weight.  I put the bricks on either side of the weight plates to give her a longer range of motion to pull so that the weight would clear the sidewalk.

I am very proud of her and hope that by the time she turns 5 she will start deadlifting on a standard bar or even an Olympic bar for partial lifts.

She told me the other day that she wants to learn how to “bimp press.”  Which I assume means bench press.  And that makes me happy!

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Tiny Overlord With Dog Friends


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