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Watch “Tiny Overlord TNS smashing her custom gripper” on YouTube


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Toddler Grip Training Tools

From left to right: Tiny Overlord double overhand deadlifting 12lbs on a 1″ diameter PVC homemade bar. 3.4lbs (total weight) on the one hand pinch plates (1.25lb Yorks) setup.  Just a PVC pipe through the middle of the plates with … Continue reading

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3-17-10: Gripper Max Test Tonight

Been on Aaron Corcorran’s Experimental Gripper program 2 weeks now and tonight is test night for both hands.  I get off work in about 30 minutes so I’ll try to get my hands all warmed up and my CNS fired … Continue reading

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3-14-10: Training Update

Another training update since it’s been a week since I last posted.  Haven’t done any grip workouts besides an experimental gripper program I’m guinea-pigging for my friend Aaron Corcorran the past two weeks.  Will be testing on the 17th to … Continue reading

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