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USAWA Record Day results over the weekend

I did the Lift For Leroy II Record Day at Eric Todd’s gym in Turney, Missouri on Saturday.  Enjoyed the drive in the Mustang (1.5 hours one-way) and got to spend time with some people that I really like for … Continue reading

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Watch “Tiny Overlord impromptu thick bar deadlift at open gym” on YouTube

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Watch “One Hand Deadlift Tire Axle” on YouTube

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Set 5 USAWA Records in the 95kg Weight Class on Sunday

The Ledaig Record Day on July 15th was a blast!    My first goal for the Ledaig Record Day was to compete in the 95kg weight class.  That’s an upper limit of 209lbs.  Since 2002 I’ve competed in the 220lb … Continue reading

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8-1-11: Double Overhand Axle Deadlift

8-1-11, Monday DOUBLE OVERHAND AXLE DEADLIFT Bodyweight was 222 today.  It was 113 degrees in my garage during this workout.  So I’m glad my chalk was doing its job and keeping my hands glued to the bar.  My Axle is … Continue reading

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Homemade Axle Sumo Deadlift: 350 Pounds

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1-4-11: Back to some heavier grip training – and tested my back

1-4-11, Tuesday It’s been almost a month since I injured my back (bulging disc) so today’s workout made me nervous even with small weights.  The USAWA National Grip Championships are in mid-February so I’ve only got about a month to … Continue reading

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Talked to Adam Glass today

Talked to Adam Glass today.  We didn’t have long to talk since I was going to work and he was busy too.  But the 5 minutes or so that we did talk got me fired up to train hard for … Continue reading

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