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Tiny Overlord getting Strong With Rocks

The big rock is exactly half (18lbs) her weight. Eric Todd gave it to me last year for braemar practice. I named it Stoney Braxton. The little rock is 1.2lbs, and perfect size for throwing. Advertisements

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More Levee Stone Lifting

This rock was somewhere north of 300 pounds.  I chuckled because I mentioned in passing what I thought the weight was to Carrie and she at first thought that I had said “it’s over 800 pounds.”  LOL. Even though I … Continue reading

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Lifting Stones On A Walk

Beautiful day for a walk. Good day for some rock lifting.

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Tiny Overlord loaded some heavy stones – what did you do today?

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Dave Lemanczyk: 345lb Stone Lifting

Dave is also a very strong grip guy and is a certified Captain of Crush.

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