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Tiny Overlord Pressing Dumbbells


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Tiny Overlord Celebrates 4th Birthday With Over Bodyweight Deadlift

Josephine told me she wanted to lift something “very heavy” the day after her birthday.  I asked her how heavy she wanted to go.  Her go-to answer the past few months has been kind of a gibberish number – (“15-17-800”) … Continue reading

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Toddler Grip Training Tools

From left to right: Tiny Overlord double overhand deadlifting 12lbs on a 1″ diameter PVC homemade bar. 3.4lbs (total weight) on the one hand pinch plates (1.25lb Yorks) setup.  Just a PVC pipe through the middle of the plates with … Continue reading

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Back When I Was Lean…1997 and 150lbs

  Just using this picture to help motivate me to lose some bodyfat and drop down below 200lbs again.  My honeymoon in Paris (late 2006) was the last time I remember being under 200lbs.

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7-13-10: Bench Press

7-13-10, Tuesday BENCH PRESS I may be competing in my first Highland Games next Saturday so I figured I’d get my bench press workout out of the way and see what I could do without my shoulder falling apart.  At … Continue reading

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6-10-09, One-Hand Snatch PR of 132lbs

Finally got a decent video of that 132lb One-Hand Snatch that I’ve been training for.  Haven’t uploaded the video yet but I will when I get a chance.  My USAWA Nationals contest is 7 days away.  If I can replicate … Continue reading

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Near Miss-132lbs (60kg)-One Hand Snatch

So close to finally hitting my milestone goal of 132lbs – 60kg – that I ended up attempting this weight 4 times and almost got it every try.

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