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42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.

Time to renew my USAWA membership Happy New Year everybody!  It’s time for me to renew my USAWA membership. The USAWA Grip Championships is coming up in February.  If you train grip or are even interested in training grip, I hope you sign up for … Continue reading

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USAWA Record Day results over the weekend

I did the Lift For Leroy II Record Day at Eric Todd’s gym in Turney, Missouri on Saturday.  Enjoyed the drive in the Mustang (1.5 hours one-way) and got to spend time with some people that I really like for … Continue reading

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WIDE pinching

This is a small hollow concrete block out in my yard.  I like how wide it was and you can see I was barely able to fit my middle and ring fingers over the edge to assist my thumb in … Continue reading

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Charlie loves pi(e)

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Watch “Slo Mo 225lb Index Fingers Deadlift” on YouTube

This lift is from Saturday’s USAWA Grip Champs at the Dino Gym. I tore a big chunk of skin on this lift and super glued it back in place for the drive home. 

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Comparing Metabolic Response to Hard-Start VO2max Intervals — Spare Cycles

This week I want to look at VO2 and SmO2 response to one of my favourite VO2max workout protocol. We will see how systemic metabolism responds to hard-start VO2max intervals. The experiments were fascinating and I’ll try to give some … Continue reading

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Chess with Tiny Overlord

It’s been too long since I last played chess with Josie. She did not have the patience for it even 6 months ago. Today she did very well. 

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Tiny Overlord sleeping with the dogs

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Tiny Overlord builds a gingerbread house

We bought the gingerbread house at Target and then decorated it with lots of candy. 

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