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42-year old multiple USAWA record holder who enjoys grip strength training, bending steel, and sharing my knowledge of training in both areas.


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Charlie loves pi(e)

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Watch “Slo Mo 225lb Index Fingers Deadlift” on YouTube

This lift is from Saturday’s USAWA Grip Champs at the Dino Gym. I tore a big chunk of skin on this lift and super glued it back in place for the drive home. 

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Comparing Metabolic Response to Hard-Start VO2max Intervals — Spare Cycles

This week I want to look at VO2 and SmO2 response to one of my favourite VO2max workout protocol. We will see how systemic metabolism responds to hard-start VO2max intervals. The experiments were fascinating and I’ll try to give some … Continue reading

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Chess with Tiny Overlord

It’s been too long since I last played chess with Josie. She did not have the patience for it even 6 months ago. Today she did very well. 

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Tiny Overlord sleeping with the dogs

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Tiny Overlord builds a gingerbread house

We bought the gingerbread house at Target and then decorated it with lots of candy. 

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Teaching Tiny Overlord to ride a bike

Yeah, I look like a circus bear on this tiny bicycle. 

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Dairy Queen Modeling

We are probably going to be the official spokespeople for Dairy Queen after they see our pic. 

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Josie at Hobbs Park

Took Josie to Hobbs Park yesterday before work and saw this cool snake painting.

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