Giving Thursday Side Eye


Tiny Overlord is giving Thursday some deadly side eye.

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Running Magazines’ “Beginners” Workouts Are Often Terrible For Beginners

I was standing around in Hy-Vee the other day, waiting on my prescription to be filled.  So, as I usually do when I’m alone in that store, I journeyed over to the magazine rack.  I skip the bodybuilding magazines.  Used to look at those about a decade ago.  Several years ago I felt like I was maturing when I started to be more interested in the Men’s Health-type magazine vs. the bodybuilding or powerlifting magazines.

A concealed carry magazine caught my eye.  And I spent a few minutes daydreaming over several of the handguns.

But the past year I’ve been interested in the running magazines.  Trail running.  Road racing.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  I enjoy leafing through them.  And I occasionally even buy one.

What stops me from buying one every month?

The so-called “beginning runner” programs.  They are often horrible.  And not at all suited for a beginner to running.  Or more specifically, they are not well suited to a heavyset out-of-shape beginner who is starting to add running into their fitness regimen.

A typical “workout” for a beginner in one of the running magazines I browsed said to “warm up with a 2 mile jog.”  Really?

I have an idea.  I’ll write a “beginner’s grip training program for runners.”  Ready?  Okay, first off, close the IronMind #2 gripper 10 reps with your left hand.  Rest about 20 seconds.  Now close it 10 reps with your right hand.  Don’t use a set.  A set means using the other (non-gripping) hand to pull or push the handles closer together to get a more advantageous (leverage-wise) position in the hand.

But wait.  You’re not able to do the beginner’s grip training workout?  Oh, that’s a problem.  Scaling workouts to the user is a pretty standard practice in the strength world.  It is in the running world, too.  But I really don’t get some of these magazines giving out beginner’s warm up advice that is not appropriate at all.  Even if it said “walk 2 miles” – that would make a lot more sense.  These programs with unattainable warm ups for beginners are hurtful to the beginners who either give it a shot and fail, or don’t even try because they know they’ll fail.

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Second Legitimate Use For Shake Weight: Toddler Barbell


Beast Mode!

Tiny Overlord enjoying her Shake Weight deadlifting session.

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First Legitimate Use For Shake Weight: Cat Pillow


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USAWA Record Day Results – “Sir Lance-A-Lot’s Record Day”

I had a good time Saturday at Eric Todd’s training facility near Turney, Missouri.  He hosted a USAWA Record Day that he titled “Sir Lance-A-Lot’s Record Day.”  Lance Foster was turning 50 years old.

Lance Foster, Dean Ross, and Eric Todd took part in the Record Day record setting.

I weighed 241lbs fully clothed.  Knew I wasn’t going to make the 105kg class cutoff, so I didn’t sweat it.  No pun intended.  First time I’ve been in the 110kg class, and hopefully it’s the last.

My hands (especially left hand, which had the severely dislocated pinky) are still not at 100%.  So I didn’t expect any spectacular results on the 2″ vertical bar.  I was not disappointed, lol.

The 110kg class record (left hand) for 2″ vertical bar was 200lbs.  So I upped it to 205.  1st attempt was 202lbs.  Good lift.  2nd attempt was 205lbs.  Another good lift.  I think I tried 210lbs (or maybe 215lbs), but I couldn’t hold it at lockout.  Missed the call by 1/2 second.  The photo below was my last warmup pull (@ 198lbs) before calling for my 1st attempt to be judged.  Eric judged my 2″ vertical bar attempts.


The bar looks pretty “grippy” – but it was actually on the slick end of the spectrum as far as 2″ vertical bars go.

I didn’t do any official pulls righty, but it was actually feeling pretty strong.  I felt confident about breaking the right hand record of 215lbs, but decided to leave some in the tank for whatever other records I was going to attempt to break.  Turns out that I ran out of time and had to drive back (2-hour drive back to Lawrence) about 30 minutes later.  No biggie.

Next up for me was Thor’s Hammer.  I had never done this event before.  I tried it a week before, but completely screwed it up and ended up tossing the vertical bar behind me into the garden.  No lift, lol.

1st attempt in the Record Day was 25lbs.  Easy as pie.  2nd attempt was 35lbs.  Another super easy lift.  Then I got greedy and decided that I’d go to 55lbs.  The all-time record so far is only 52lbs.  “Only” – 55lbs was way too much.  I don’t think I was really close on either attempt at that weight.  The grip strength was there, but the wrist strength was not.

I will put up more pictures of Eric’s training area at a later date.  It was super impressive!  There was more equipment in that area than most people will have access to in an entire lifetime.  I could’ve got myself in a lot of trouble there if I had 3 or 4 hours to spare.  Trouble meaning just doing a lot of lifting or trying to lift everything that wasn’t nailed down.

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Tiny Overlord Doing Toddler Muscle Up

Like it's her day job.

Like it’s her day job.

There will undoubtedly be someone who thinks she is really able to do a Muscle Up.  She is a strong little beast, so anything is possible.  :)

She is “playing” and getting stronger every day.  Reminds me of when I was first learning the ropes about bench pressing from my brother Joe.  Those were good times!!!

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Grip Training Makes Tiny Overlord So Angry


Tiny Overlord looks so angry after repping the IronMind Handgripper Helper about 7,000 times tonight.

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Fabulous Friday Fashion


If your face doesn’t look similar to Josie’s this Friday…you’re doing it wrong. She is pretty proud of her fashion sense.

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Tiny Overlord Found My Captain of Crush Hat


Josie was ransacking my dresser tonight and found my IronMind Captains of Crush hat from when I certified on the #3 gripper 10 years ago.

She insisted on modeling the hat, so I wanted to share the cuteness.

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Tiny Overlord Attempting Atlas Stones





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