Toddler Faux-Flask Pinch Device


So, my fabrication skills suck.  To the extreme.  But my inspiration for this lightweight pinch device was the Barrel Strength Systems “Flask.”  The Flask is lightweight.  Mine is lightweight.  The Flask is made out of high quality aluminum.  Mine is made out of crap quality wood scraps.  Mine is not adjustable in pinch width.  Neither is the Flask.

My daughter really seems to like the Faux-Flask though, regardless of the sketchy craftsmanship of her father.  It only weighs 4lbs.  So she is able to easily two hand pinch it.  And with her right hand she is able to one hand pinch it.  She won’t really give it a shot lefty – it pisses her off if I even encourage her to try it with her left hand.  Which is hilarious to me.

Mine is also about the same width as the Flask.  So maybe I should just buy her a dang Flask!  ALL the reviews I have heard of the Flask have been glowing.  Even from what I would consider die-hard Euro Pinch guys.  It is much quicker to adjust the weight on the Flask than the Euro.  Doesn’t mean I don’t like the Euro.  Although, I am not a pinch fan, so I guess in all honesty I DON’T like the Euro.  But I would probably like it if I had one to train with.  Who knows.

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Tiny Overlord Learns The Goblet Squat!

I have tried to teach Josie to do the kettlebell Goblet Squat for a few weeks.  Just a few times here and there where I have shown her how to do it and casually watched while she tried it out – or more often, didn’t try it out and didn’t care to.  Which I am okay with.  I didn’t want to push her too much.  But the kettlebell seems pretty light for her (5lbs), and she had no trouble pulling it up under her chin and holding it there for a bit.  The squat part was harder for her than holding the kettlebell at the chest – because of balance issues I think.  But she wanted to keep doing it.  I had to hide her kettlebell so she wouldn’t do it endlessly and wear herself out.

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Tiny Overlord Dinnie Lift


This was hard to catch on camera because she was pretty disdainful about holding the lockout.

The Dinnie Lift is an official USAWA event. Just a few short years from now, Josie will be strong enough to lift the implements used in the USAWA comps. I’m looking forward to that!img_20160701_100456.jpg

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Toddler Grip Training Tools

From left to right:

  • Tiny Overlord double overhand deadlifting 12lbs on a 1″ diameter PVC homemade bar.
  • 3.4lbs (total weight) on the one hand pinch plates (1.25lb Yorks) setup.  Just a PVC pipe through the middle of the plates with some duct tape to make the pipe fat enough that the plates don’t slide off and on without some effort.
  • Custom gripper from Aaron Corcorran!  I love this gripper.  Tiny Overlord loves this gripper.  It is a work of art, seriously.
  • Tiny Overlord climbing on the rock wall at Laugh Out Loud in Lawrence.  Working on that fingertip strength.

I have more strength training toys (tools, but to her they are more toys, and I like that) that she uses off and on.  No set routine, just whenever she feels like it.  I’m even teaching her the hook grip for later in life when she is ready to start Olympic lifting.

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Father And Daughter Kettlebell Suitcase Carry

Josie is quite enamored with kettlebells of all sizes.  I bought her a tiny 5lb kettlebell a while back from the Play It Again Sports in Overland Park, KS.  I also bought myself a 70lber while I was there.  She was with me the day I bought the kettlebells and has been fascinated with carrying the small kettlebell ever since.  I haven’t let her carry it around very often (until recently), because she is more likely to use it as a leg basher than a kettlebell.  But she is getting less stabby the past few months.  A welcome change when steel objects and other sharp items sometimes seem to magically appear in her murderous little hands at inopportune times.

We did a short kettlebell suitcase walk “workout” the other day.  It was pretty cute, and she wanted to make sure that mommy got some pictures of us both walking around with our kettlebells.

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Tiny Overlord In Training

Josie was super filled with rage the other day when I took her to open gym.  She did Anger Sprints.  Then worked on her grip on the rings.  I keep hoping she will recreate the Vince Vaughn smoking on the rings scene from Old School.  But alas, it hasn’t happened yet.

I love the look on her face in the Anger Sprints picture.  She has her fist clinched like she’s going to superman punch someone.  I have no doubt that someone was me.  But still a funny picture.

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Tiny Overlord Contemplates The Saxon Plank


Don’t let her pretty dress fool you.  She was ready to blast off with this weight on the Saxon Plank.

The Saxon Snatch is one of the events at the OTSM contest (USAWA sanctioned) at Eric Todd’s training facility in September.

It involves pinch gripping a 3″ wide wood surface and then snatching the weight overhead – without losing your grip, of course.  Good times.

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Meet The Newest Certified Monster Hunter Level 4 – Ben Edwards

Certified Monster Hunters Lv.4 (★★★★)
No. Name Country Year of Birth Body Profile Date Setting Video
1 Seonghyeon Jang South Korea 1987 180cm, 110kg 2015-05-06 30mm [Click]
2 Beomseok Kim South Korea 1979 176cm, 89kg 2015-05-07 30mm [Click]
3 Sumin Hong South Korea 1988 174cm, 84kg 2015-05-25 30mm [Click]
4 Changhun Lee South Korea 1991 188cm, 110kg 2015-06-26 30mm [Click]
5 Carl-August Mertz Germany 1976 182cm, 105kg 2015-11-08 TNS [Click]
6 Joefrey Wibrin Belgium 1972 180cm, 90kg 2015-11-16 30mm [Click]
7 Glenn Richard Brekke Norway 1985 185cm, 97kg 2015-12-10 20mm [Click]
8 Ben Lucas Edwards USA 1975 173cm, 99.8kg 2016-03-19 TNS [Click]
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Watch “Silvis Monster Hunter Level 4-TNS Close” on YouTube

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Tiny Overlord’s Rock Transporter

I bought a day-by-day pill organizer at Hy-Vee yesterday.  Not for my pills, but for Tiny Overlord’s insatiable need to pick up tiny rocks and transport them home when we’re on walks or hikes.  She tried it out today at the park and really seemed to like it.  Or at least I assume she liked it.  Because she didn’t stab me repeatedly in the neck.  That’s a win in my column.

Having a toddler has completely changed the way I view everyday items.

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