Meet The Newest Certified Monster Hunter Level 4 – Ben Edwards

Certified Monster Hunters Lv.4 (★★★★)
No. Name Country Year of Birth Body Profile Date Setting Video
1 Seonghyeon Jang South Korea 1987 180cm, 110kg 2015-05-06 30mm [Click]
2 Beomseok Kim South Korea 1979 176cm, 89kg 2015-05-07 30mm [Click]
3 Sumin Hong South Korea 1988 174cm, 84kg 2015-05-25 30mm [Click]
4 Changhun Lee South Korea 1991 188cm, 110kg 2015-06-26 30mm [Click]
5 Carl-August Mertz Germany 1976 182cm, 105kg 2015-11-08 TNS [Click]
6 Joefrey Wibrin Belgium 1972 180cm, 90kg 2015-11-16 30mm [Click]
7 Glenn Richard Brekke Norway 1985 185cm, 97kg 2015-12-10 20mm [Click]
8 Ben Lucas Edwards USA 1975 173cm, 99.8kg 2016-03-19 TNS [Click]
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Watch “Silvis Monster Hunter Level 4-TNS Close” on YouTube

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Tiny Overlord’s Rock Transporter

I bought a day-by-day pill organizer at Hy-Vee yesterday.  Not for my pills, but for Tiny Overlord’s insatiable need to pick up tiny rocks and transport them home when we’re on walks or hikes.  She tried it out today at the park and really seemed to like it.  Or at least I assume she liked it.  Because she didn’t stab me repeatedly in the neck.  That’s a win in my column.

Having a toddler has completely changed the way I view everyday items.

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Racing Tiny Overlord in Hy-Vee the other day was good training.


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Tiny Overlord Dancing


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2016 USAWA Grip Championship: Part 2 – The People


Tressa Brooner and Al Myers



Al Myers and Mary McConnaughey at the 2016 USAWA Grip Championship.

Al Myers has hosted the USAWA Grip Championships since their inception in 2011. Al is not a grip specialist. But due to his varied strength training, he has built a very strong base of balanced grip strength. He was the sole judge for the contest this year. As evidenced by his Record Day performance after the contest, I have no doubt he would have handily won the overall title if he had competed alongside the rest of us. Al is a wonderful friend to many of us. He is a true ambassador for the sport of all round weightlifting. He didn’t charge an entry fee to compete in the Grip Champs. I think that is a very generous thing to do. Especially when you see the AWESOME grip trophies he made by hand and gave out at the contest to the best lifters.


This is just one of the many Best Lifter awards that Al Myers made and gave to the best lifters at the comp.

Mary McConnaughey is an elite armwrestler from Nebraska. She is one of the few ladies on the planet who have not only closed IronMind’s #2 gripper, she has closed it inverted. With the spring facing down. It is much harder for most people to close a gripper in that fashion. Mary is a terrific friend and an absolute joy to be around. She brings a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm to every event she attends.

Tressa Brooner is a friend of Mary’s. I believe she is also an accomplished armwrestler. We had a good time chatting in between events. She did very well in all the events.

There were many more competitors at the Grip Champs. Unfortunately, my phone gallery is not cooperating to let me add the additional competitor photos right now.

To be continued!

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Mary McConnaughey and Me at 2016 Grip Champs


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2016 USAWA Grip Championship: Part 1 – The Gym

This will be a multipart write-up of my experience at the 2016 USAWA Grip Championships.

The event was held – as it has been every year since 2011 – at Al Myers’s Dino Gym in Abilene, Kansas.  The venue is amazing.  Words don’t describe how much history and esoteric (and “common design”) equipment resides in this gym.  Every time I come to the Dino Gym, I see a piece of equipment or a photo that I hadn’t seen on a previous visit.

Al designs and builds a lot of his equipment.  Some of it he buys from well known sources like IronMind.


Grippers, anyone?

The amount – and quality – of the equipment OUTSIDE the gym is staggering.  And is more than most gyms (no exaggeration) boast on the INSIDE of their walls.

The first thing I like to do when I pull up in the Dino Gym parking lot is greet the cats that are roaming the property.  They like the attention.  And I like petting them.

After I finish greeting the cats, I make my way around the side of the gym and peruse the strongman equipment that is on the outside of the gym.  There is quite a bit of it.  So it usually takes a few minutes to look it over and see if there’s anything new in the lineup.

This year I made it to the gym early enough that I was able to do a proper warm-up for my hands and body.


Dino Gym Strength Implements


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Watch “315 Pound Middle Finger Deadlift” on YouTube

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Giving Thursday Side Eye


Tiny Overlord is giving Thursday some deadly side eye.

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