Tiny Overlord Has Pressing Business


Josie’s schedule is full these days.

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USAWA Forum Post: Countdown to Grip Champs


While most of the world watched the Grammys, I did a bit of typing instead.

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Tiny Overlord Gettin’ Swole

I dare you to ask Tiny Overlord if she even lifts...go ahead...

I dare you to ask Tiny Overlord if she even lifts…go ahead…

Josie enjoys doing a short “workout” with the shoulder rehab device that my brother Joe loaned me in October.  Every time she sees me use it, which is almost every day, she sprints over and claws the handles out of my hands to do her own version of what she sees me doing.  She seems to have a lot of rage in her, so I don’t put up a fuss about the intrusion.

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Whazzup, Bat?

Really, does anything else need to be said about this awesome bat?


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Superhuman Strength Samaritan


It’s always good to be strong.  In the case of the guy in the burning SUV – it was a really good thing that the good Samaritan was very strong.

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Sleeping Beauty


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Next Contest – 2015 USAWA Grip Championships

It’s 72 days until the 2015 USAWA Grip Championships.  This contest will be held in Abilene, KS at the magnificent Dino Gym.  I decided to compete a few days ago.

If anyone is interested in how I’m training for this contest – or even IF I’m training for it – let me know in the comments section on this post.


My bodyweight last night was 230lbs on the dot.  I have competed in the 220lb class in the USAWA for every contest since 2002, except for one in 2012 where I was in the 209lb class, and one in 2006 where I was in the 231lb class.

My bodyweight goal is to compete in the 209lb class in the Grip Champs.  198lb class would be even better, but I don’t think it’s realistic right now.  I’m stressed about work and that isn’t helping my strength or my stress eating.

Here are the details of the 2015 Grip Champs:


I haven’t made any specific event poundage goals because I haven’t been training grip the past few months.  And I don’t know what weight class I will end up in yet.

This will be the first USAWA contest I’ve competed in since the birth of my daughter Josephine in April of 2013.  I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and maybe making a few new ones at the contest.

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That moment when you realize you aren’t as special as you think you are…

Keep on keepin' on...

Keep on keepin’ on…

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Kilted Athletics – Loadable Weight For Distance Implement

If you have access to a machine shop, a welder, and some know how – you could copy this design and have a great Highland Games training tool.  Or buy it direct here: http://www.kiltedathletics.com/collections/499699-throwing-implements/products/4604305-weight-for-distance-mens-lwfd-womens-lwfd-hwfd

Yeah, this is a pretty neat idea.  Loadable Weight For Distance implement.

Yeah, this is a pretty neat idea. Loadable Weight For Distance implement.

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Tiny Overlord Sprint Training


Josie kept me busy the other day on the trail.

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